Sacred Clay and Sweat Lodge Ceremonies.  Please scroll down for info.

"What a lovely, luxurious and magical day spent learning from both of you, sharing the space with such kind and uplifting spirits." Vicki C., Half Moon Bay, CA

"What a blast that was! Thank you for having it!"

Colleen Garrett, Redwood City, CA

SPIRIT DOLLS by Pamela Eakins

Journeys bring Power and Love back into you.

If you can't go Somewhere, travel in the passageways of your Heart.

​​Sacred Clay. Altar Pieces.

One Clay, One Breath, One River, One Life.

Pamela Eakins & Randall Reid

Saturday, March 25 and/or April 8, 10:00-4:00, $100
Kelly Avenue Pottery Studios, Half Moon Bay

  • Prayer Whorls
  • Spirit Dolls
  • Journey Spirits
  • ​Altar Bowls
  • ​Story-Tellers

Join Pamela Eakins and Randall Reid for a day with Sacred Clay. Pamela is the creator of the Spirit Dolls which accompany the cycles, seasons, journeys and passages of our lives. Randall is a Master Ceramicist who has been teaching the medium of clay for over 40 years. He has owned the Kelly Avenue Studio and Gallery since 1978. 

This promises to be a transformative day in the Kelly Avenue Studios. We will enter the alchemical miracle of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. There you will create the artifacts of the future and emerge with a new sense of Soul. 

Everyone is welcome. Beginners are encouraged.

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Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Pamela Eakins & Randall Reid

Your body is Earth.

Your blood is Water.

Your breath is Air.

Your spirit is Fire.

Awaken your Fire. Awaken your Love.

Even as clay is fired in a kiln, we are fired in the Ceremonial Lodge. This is Sacred Alchemy. Please EMAIL PAMELA if you are interested in receiving information about Sweat Lodge Ceremonies.

Kelly Avenue Studios

     Dream the World. Love is The Way.