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The Power is in you and with you. 

Come alive to your burning potential.   
The time is Now. The place is Here. 

Your Mystery School awaits.

Welcome to Pacific Mystery School and the Lightning Spiral Trilogy of Classes. We now enter the Western Mystery Tradition - often referred to as "Western Shamanism."  Our studies, based in Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins, feature Tarot, Kabbalah, Mysticism, and Visionary Cosmology.  Here, we interweave state-of-the-art cosmological knowledge with the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom Tradition. Our aim is to produce extreme cosmological insight: the "Lightning Flash Awakening." In this awakening, the core mystical knowledge of both Universe and Self is revealed.

Pacific Mystery School offers weekend Tarot and Kabbalah classes as well as a comprehensive in-depth online school.



The comprehensive online school offers the Lightning Spiral Trilogy, which entails a deep process of conscious self-reflection through weekly and daily readings, meditations, and "thought experiments."  It results in powerful forms of self-discovery and self-activation.  Even though the lessons are structured, the knowledge gained is not imposed by a doctrine or by a teacher.  The knowledge gained is the mystical knowledge that wells up from the innermost depths of one's own unique individual being.  Step-by-step, purpose and meaning are revealed.  Step-by-step, the individual path becomes clear.

The teachings upon which the Lightning Spiral is based are contained in the form and structure of the mystical Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a series of "initiations" which date as far back as ancient Egypt and the Pythagorean Mystery School of Ancient Greece.  Many of these teachings form the foundations of Western Civilization with regard to the way in which the ideas underlie our collective thought process.  Entering into these teachings and initiations, which we do in the Lightning Spiral, opens the door to activate powerful forms of change, both individually and collectively.  Our perspective expands, illuminating new insights, passions and dreams, as well as the methods by which to realize them.

I am so grateful for what you have brought to the world, Pamela.  It’s hard to convey it all in words how much gratitude I feel when there’s something in my life I lean on so much as part of my daily life like all your Tarot work.  It’s like part of my body.  It has that much importance to me.  And that you brought this through…wow!!  I’m so grateful and inspired.  John DeRosier

Before serendipitously finding Pacific Mystery School, I had studied the Goddess, the Tarot, and the Kaballah for over fifteen years. The work of Pamela Eakins has opened for me whole new ways of seeing and integrating the powerful languages of Ancient Wisdom--Astrology, Kaballah, Tarot, Numerology, Sacred Geometry--and she adds to that, the language of scientific understanding. The lessons, and Eakins' insightful responses, have inspired me to go more deeply into my own process and grow more rapidly into the spiritual being that I am. Gwendolyn Endicott


Tarot & Kabbalah

     Dream the World. Love is The Way.