Love embraces all religions.
Love embraces all nations.
Love embraces all genders.
Love embraces all races.
Love embraces all classes.
Love embraces all ages.
Love knows no bounds.


​Spiritual Studies for our New Earth: Onsite & Online.


I AM the spiritual and material starfield of universal life.

I AM the body of the cosmos in every moment spinning into form and realization.

I AM an electrified forcefield inspired to keep the universe in motion.

I AM a center of creation and a zone of cosmological emergence.

I AM a sanctuary of nurturance.

I AM the power of dissolution and dispersion, the change that heralds the new.

I AM integral to the expansive interrelations of the cosmological community.

I AM the cosmological adventure and the transmutation of imagination.

I AM the record of cosmic experience holding, integrating and creating new code.

I AM reflective universe witnessing and remembering the possibilities of its course.

I AM radiant cosmos expressing itself as a child risen from sun.

I AM the Star Gate Awakening, the portal and the passage into new dimensions of becoming. ​


Terra Nova Seminary is a two year program in which you will become an Ordained Celebrant of the Sacred Cosmos.

                                            Terra Nova: New Ground.      Seminary: Seed Bed.

A New Way to Know a New World:

We begin our studies with Visionary Cosmology:The New Paradigm. We begin by embarking on a journey into outer space and deep into the heart of our very own interior. Along the way, we will fall in love and give birth to entirely new imaginings. We will learn how to create sanctuary and navigate chaos. We will activate the Ten Powers and enter the Ten Empowerment Ceremonies. We will become a refuge of wisdom, fully at home where we are, armed with codes, oracles and the knowledge that evolves consciousness. In the end, we will soar through the Star Gate of Ordination into our ultimate personal Revelations which will constitute our Offering to the World. 

During the first year of Terra Nova, we explore New Science, Earth-Based Spirituality, Women's Spirituality, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the second year, we continue our education -- even as we travel into our own Soul Territory in search of our own True Ground. In year two, we study non-violent means of inner and outer transformation and prepare ourselves for leadership.

In the end, we receive Ordination. In the end, you will become a Celebrant of the Sacred Universe with a full kit of Ceremonies: Weddings, Baby Blessings, House Blessings, Healings, and Memorial Services. Most importantly, you will attain your own deep and abiding understanding of the Universe within and beyond your Self.

The Call:

Have you longed to deepen in cosmic soul, learn a new language for the future of the Earth, take down the walls that divide, and open the vortex to Love? Have you desired to serve your galaxy as a Celebrant of the Sacred Universe?

Terra Nova, an experimental Seminary, offers a two year program culminating in Ordination. This program is a radical departure from what we normally think of as interfaith, non-denominational studies. From the beginning, you develop your own belief system. We begin here: You are living, self-reflective Universe on the path of its own becoming.

Class Structure, Tuition, Registration:

Terra Nova Seminary meets once a month for two years in Half Moon Bay, California. You can also enter Terra Nova from anywhere on the planet through the online school. Terra Nova is a two year program with 24 classes in total. Each class involves instruction, sharing, and immersion in nature. Between meetings, Seminarians read, write, and develop their perception of the Sacred Universe. We also have an active website where we share ideas. In the third month, you are invited to pursue a certificate with the Universal Life Church so you can legally officiate at weddings. In the end, you will be ordained in Terra Nova's ancient and futuristic lineage.

YOUR MENTOR: All classes are taught and mentored by Pamela Eakins, Ph.D., D.D., Founder of Terra Nova Seminary. For more information about Pamela, please click here: ABOUT PAMELA EAKINS. Also, please scroll down for a short bio on Pamela.

ONLINE & ONSITE CLASSES. YOU ARE NOW WELCOME TO ENTER TERRA NOVA AT ANY TIME!  Enter Terra Nova from anyplace in the world. You will receive courses monthly and work at your own pace with Pamela Eakins as your personal mentor. You are welcome to attend monthly classes in Moss Beach as well. You will also be invited to attend Terra Nova retreats, etc. We will schedule one or two Ordinations a year, depending on need.

Fees (apply to all): The tuition structure is $250 per month until completion. There is a $150 registration fee. Estimated Completion Time: 27 months

Registration: Please click here to REGISTER. Please include your $150 registration fee.


Visionary Cosmology. The New Paradigm
Kabbalah and Tarot of the Spirit
The World’s Religions
The Upanishads
Bhakti Yoga

The Bible 

The Gnostic Gospels
The Mystical Christ
Living Buddha, Living Christ
The Bhagavad Gita
The Book of Goddesses and Heroines
The Kuan Yin Chronicles

The Tao Te Ching
The Qu'ran

     Dream the World. Love is The Way.


Dear Pamela, The two months I spent on cataclysm and death were very helpful. Like death itself, I found my fear of death changed. I went from admitting my fear to being fascinated about what is next. Although I can’t say I no longer fear death, Terra Nova is strengthening my faith in the value I have to the whole of existence and I feel more balanced. While my perspective of life and death evolves, I am exploring and deepening my understanding of what purpose this reality serves within the greater scheme of things. Thinking about death within the context of life is opening me up to the present. 
I sincerely appreciate the curriculum you have written for Terra Nova and believe it will help me in this life, and the ones to follow. Love, Toni

Pamela has been my guide through her books for 20 years, and I am so honored to be taking her class Terra Nova and working with her personally. I am very excited about what we are learning and the amazing people that have come together in answer to a calling for such an extraordinary purpose. This class is so much more than I expected, and is shaping the next stage of my spiritual journey in ways I couldn't have imagined. Thank you, Pamela, for being the amazing teacher you are. Shelley Cates, Texas, USA

Working with Pamela is an experience of receiving potent memories of a long-ago time that has existed deep within my soul. Through her profound mystical journey and intellectual treasure trove of knowing, Pamela reconnected me to my own inner magic and mojo. She truly acts as a guide authentically grounded in Spirit who is walking alongside you for your own emergence into Love, into Abundance and into claiming your memory-medicine for the world! AmyJO/Ama Mattheis, Storyteller, Biblical Scholar & Spiritual Teacher, Oakland, California, USA

Thank you for all you do. I feel like you are holding open the door to the Cosmos for me. You have opened the door... through it we walk. Leslie James, North Carolina, USA     Leslie on officiating at her first wedding: The wedding was an amazingly loving, sweet... spiritual ceremony. I am so grateful to you for what you've exposed me to over these past few months. I have known the bride for about 9 years now and this has been a journey that I have been deeply involved in. So I was shocked and pleased when she asked me. She only gave me a week notice. I wrote the ceremony with the help of the wedding book from Terra Nova Class Two. The whole experience was just cool. From what they said, it seems I made it special for them. I can only hope that they felt the presence of the Divine, I certainly did.

I am so glad that I am on this journey.  It has meant that I have had the call to experience, and the joy of connecting into, a level of profound personal meaning-making that I could not have imagined.  Robyn Rogers, Auckland, New Zealand 

Pamela brings great depth and knowledge to her teaching.  She is able to balance great erudition and wisdom with love, compassion, support and humility. Roberta Wentzel Walter, Woodside, California, USA

I had a wonderful time yesterday at the gathering of the Terra Novans.  What a remarkable, wonderful group of women I am learning with.  The material you presented was so informative and rich.  As I travel to NY this week, I will take special notice of the Goddess of Liberty in NY Harbor.  Thank you again for sharing this knowledge with me and thank you for your kind words about my paper—I love how you see things!!  Obviously!!!!  I sure would like to tap into that brain of yours and let all of your knowledge and insight flow all over me.  I love the way you think, the way you act, the way you impart your gathered wisdom to us.  Fay Rohrbach, Oakland, California, USA 

Here is an audio excerpt from the class (Terra Nova 3.2) Fay is referring to: Isis, Mary & Liberty  

Thank you again Pamela for all that you to do to infuse all of us with the great possibility of being all that we are  so that we might give back to all of creation so that peace, love and compassion might rule the Universe.  I am blessed to have you as one of my teachers.  May I walk in beauty everywhere and share what has been given.  Thank you for your inspiration and blessings!  Jan Edgerton, San Jose, California, USA


Founded and Facilitated by Pamela Eakins.

“I arise out of the dimensions to walk across the planet from places of emergence into highest initiation.” Pamela Eakins

Pamela Eakins, founder of Terra Nova Seminary, is, at one and the same time, a scholar and a mystic. She earned her Ph.D. in Sociology and taught at the University of Colorado and Stanford University. She is also a professional mediator who has taught peace studies and conflict transformation in the community. Concurrently, she spent 25 years in an interfaith, nondenominational church where she developed and taught classes, ordained many people, and ultimately was elevated to Bishop. She retired from that organization and has now founded the radically new Terra Nova Seminary. Terra Nova is based on her immersion in Kabbalah, Tarot, the Tree of Life, Mystical Awakening, Immersion in Nature, and state-of-the-art Science. Her books on Tarot, Kabbalah and Visionary Cosmology form the core curriculum for the Seminary along with books on World Religions and perceptions of the Sacred Universe. In Visionary Cosmology.The New Paradigm, Pamela writes: